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Web Crawl

VFDs.com, Ghent, IEA, Quora busier than ever with more people inside in 2020 Lockdown equals more computer time (as if most of society weren’t screenheads already), so this month, we’ll be checking in on some of the industry’s best web resources. As Bill O’Leary put it (miss you, Bill!) in the April 2017 edition of […]

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Raising the Roof

The solar method is paying off—and raising the bar The International Energy Agency can give themselves a pat on the back upon viewing the results of a recent report. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) quantified that reduced demand and found that solar panels installed between 2013 and 2015 in […]

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Daimler Turns the Tide

German automaker to invest $1B in Alabama plant Another gesture towards the potency of the electric vehicle market was made September 21, with a high-line German car builder also opting to ‘reshore’ 600 American jobs in the process. Germany’s Daimler said it will invest $1 billion to expand its U.S.-based Mercedes-Benz plant in Alabama to […]

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