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Report Cards

Beyond Mueller, there were at least two revealing reports issued this week Neither of these were the most famous report of this week. They might’ve both contained more valuable information. First, a report on workplace demographics found that gender equality comes at a price sometimes, as women get more jobs in certain fields causes others—such […]

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Hurricane Updates

Unprecedented storm season affecting electricity across the map Texas, Louisiana slowly recovering from Harvey. This weekend will mark a full month since Hurricane Harvey ravaged southeast Texas and parts of western Louisiana. Though the lowlands in those regions are no longer inundated, clean-up is an ongoing and difficult process. Shermco Industries—based in Dallas but with three […]

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Recovery Through Reconditioning

PEARL aids in Harvey’s aftermath by restoring vital electrical equipment As another part of the country braces for the impact of a second deadly hurricane this weekend, those in Texas and Louisiana along the Gulf Coast are only beginning to pick up the pieces and attempt to recover from Hurricane Harvey’s devastation. While this is […]

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