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Shujinius at Work

Lighting pioneer wins energy award In our upcoming February issue, EA will take a detailed look at building efficiency—including the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) and its LEED certification program. This program includes a number of different elements to foster green performance in both commercial and residential structures, including duct and insulation, envelope design, […]

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Deck the Halls

A Christmas story, or two The Electrical Apparatus staff would like to wish all of our readers and friends a safe and happy holiday season. In the spirit of Santa, surprises, and short-circuits, we’ve found a few tidbits from recent news that combine our wide range of coverage with seasonal classics. At the very least, […]

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Siemens Activity

German giant has an especially active week Last week saw major maneuvering from companies such as ABB and General Electric, two giants who serve manufacturers and tech industries alike. Perhaps that has made others inclined to follow suit. Siemens has had an especially active week. The German engineering conglomerate most recently turned heads early Thursday […]

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