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Mythbusters Jr. Magnet Magic

The original Mythbusters television show premiered in 2003 on the Discovery Channel with 296 episodes through its 2016 finale. Always a popular and beloved show by viewers, a spin-off, Mythbusters Jr., with original host Adam Savage aired its first episode in early January 2019. This time, Mr. Savage and a group of bright, curious children […]

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Hard Drivers

Researchers use magnets from used computer hard drive to power axial gap motor Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee have used magnets recovered from used computer hard drives in an electric motor. In a first-ever demonstration of its kind, the permanent magnets made from rare earth elements were reused without alteration in an […]

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Moley Magnetics approved for expansion

In an update from our previous item from last month: Moley Magnetics was approved last week for a 15-year tax break it will use for an accompanying expansion to its Lockport, NY facility. The aforementioned manufacturer, supplier, and repair company of electric motors, among a full line of other products including magnets, shears, grapples, track […]

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