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Renew School

Pop quiz: What do blockchain, dentists, and Utah all have in common? Answer: They all see potential in renewable energy. Also, here’s to hoping that’s the only time those three nouns have come together. Although I suppose it’s easily possible a dentist in Utah has invested in blockchain technology. Moving on… Renewable energy round-ups are […]

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Call It “Good P.R.”

Tesla, Sonnen initiate Puerto Rico grid rebuild  50 days after the onslaught of Hurricane Maria knocked out its already fragile power grid, Puerto Rico’s problems are far from over. At least half the island’s residents remain without power, and U.S. assistance provided by FEMA tripped on its first attempt when it was forced to cancel a […]

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HH: Microgrid Systems

‘Microgrids’ and distributed energy systems provide backup while waiting for relief One of the greatest concerns during a natural disaster is support systems that can aid in a number of ways when standard systems go down and people are still waiting for relief. In the case of electricity, these secondary systems can be found in […]

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