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Collect to compete- HVAC guys round up the mercury

Mercury is officially in retrograde- at least within the HVAC/HVACR industry. The Thermostat Recycling Corporation recently reported a 13% increase in collections of mercury-based thermometers over the past year. The TRC accredits a large portion of this effort to distributors and contractors in the HVAC industry, who are the main supporters of the Alexandria, Virginia-based […]

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Cybersecurity expert warns not enough being done to protect infrastructure

In wake of the widespread Sony hack, cybersecurity is grabbing headlines. According to Steve Mustard, industrial cybersecurity expert at the International Society of Automation, inadequate training and a culture of complacency among many owners and operators of critical infrastructure are significantly raising the risks of highly damaging cyberattack throughout the world. Mustard went on to say that […]

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