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Most Common Causes for Preventable Premature Commutator Failure

SPONSORED CONTENT Most Common Causes for Preventable Premature Commutator Failure by Mike Akard AKARD COMMUTATOR OF TENNESSEE Overheating Kills Commutators Prematurely Premature commutator failure due to being severely overheated during the winding process is entirely too common yet completely avoidable given proper care taken during the winding process to prevent heat build-up. One often overlooked […]

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Nickel & Dime

Preventing lithium-ion batteries from overheating Scientists at Stanford University are optimistic that they have developed a solution for the overheating of lithium-ion batteries. Research led by Stanford chemical engineer Zhenan Bao has resulted in the development of a plastic sheet – a fast and reversible thermoresponsive polymer – that serves as a moderator for the […]

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