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Withdrawal and Response

U.S. cities form alliance against climate change In an immediate and swift response to the White House’s most controversial decision (of last week, at least), a widespread contingent of governors, mayors, and other supporters from various U.S. cities formed an alliance pledging to continue a fight against climate change last Thursday night. The group has […]

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CPP Rolled Back

Tuesday’s executive order begins long process for energy regulations The executive order signed by President Trump on Tuesday was no surprise, but it still provokes a heap of questions. An important pillar of the current president’s campaign was built on energy realignment, specifically a rollback of the Clean Power Plan and rejuvenating the coal industry. With Tuesday’s motion, the […]

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2 Degrees of Separation

Paris Agreement goals looking lofty Even before the surprise result of the U.S. presidential election put a blanket of jeopardization over all renewable energy efforts to counter climate change, the numbers set by the Paris Climate Agreement may have been too ambitious. Greentech Media reported that the $44 trillion needed in investment to reach these numbers […]

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