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Elon to the Rescue?

Tesla CEO says he wants to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid from scratch Elon Musk continues to evoke pondering over whether he is human or an aspiring superhero. In his latest installment, Musk publicly stated interest in rebuilding Puerto Rico’s demolished electrical grid from the ground up—using solar energy—in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The […]

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Powering the Powerless

Yamaha lends a hand in Puerto Rico Yamaha Motor Corp. USA’s Outdoor Power Equipment Division has announced that it is donating nearly 400 generators to the Red Cross for its disaster relief efforts. Yamaha announced in a press release Tuesday that it is donating both its 2000-watt and 2800-watt inverter generator models to the Red […]

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Hurricane Updates

Unprecedented storm season affecting electricity across the map Texas, Louisiana slowly recovering from Harvey. This weekend will mark a full month since Hurricane Harvey ravaged southeast Texas and parts of western Louisiana. Though the lowlands in those regions are no longer inundated, clean-up is an ongoing and difficult process. Shermco Industries—based in Dallas but with three […]

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