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Battle of the ‘Coms: Out of Chips

President, Treasury Department dub hostile takeover a nat’l security risk The ongoing saga with major implications for the future of the microchip and 5G networks ended Monday with a veto. Since Broadcom’s initial bids on Qualcomm earlier this winter, the ‘big guns’ have gradually been called in to regulate. First, the Treasury Department weighed in […]

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Battle of the ‘Coms

Broadcom/Qualcomm ‘negotiations’ take another heated step The quest for the chip championship continues. In what is being called the first steps in a ‘hostile takeover’, Broadcom nominated an entire new board of directors (11 seats) for Qualcomm on Monday. The aggressive move stirs the pot following Broadcom’s $103 billion, and then later, $105 billion offers to […]

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Ashore from Singapore

Broadcom announces move back to U.S. soil, makes offer for Qualcomm Broadcom International, a well-known company that makes semiconductors with applications for industrial motors and drives, is the latest big name to move back to the United States. The company announced its intention to redomicile last Thursday; although it remains a little unclear as to […]

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