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DMCA Updates

2018 copyright rulings released When you think of the DMCA, you might associate it with phrases like “internet content”, “intellectual property”, or “blogs”. However, the act has provisions that concern all kinds of copyright rulings, updated every three years, which apply to things like electric motor repair for motorized land vehicles, spanning a wide range […]

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Silica Valley

OSHA’s stricter ruling on dangerous dust to take effect soon Silica is no laughing matter when it comes to its potential long-term effects. The sand byproduct can cause severe lung cancer, silicosis, COPD, and kidney disease. A recent OSHA rule—set on June 23 of last year but due to take effect September 23, 2017 in […]

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Regulation Reduction

Report on manufacturing regulations to be released next week The Commerce Department is expected to release its first report on “streamlining permitting and reducing regulatory burdens for domestic manufacturing” early next week, CNBC reported Tuesday. The long-awaited report stems from a presidential memorandum issued January 24 which commissioned Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross to review […]

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