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Clean power jobs take a massive hit 12,500 jobs were added to the clean energy sector in September. That might seem like a decent quota for a minority industry, until one sees the comparatives. That number means almost 14% of the sector’s pre-COVID-19 workforce is left unemployed, according to the latest analysis of federal unemployment filings prepared […]

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The Latest Blow to Restaurants? A Heater Shortage

Patio dining remains the main source of customers as weather turns cold As the restaurant industry continues to grapple with COVID-19 regulations, lukewarm attendance, and a rattled market, the approaching winter already poses a new threat it can ill afford: a shortage of affordable outdoor heating units. While this appears to be a crippling blow […]

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Back-of-House Bots

Automated prep work on the horizon?  After a long day at the workplace—plant, shop, office, you name it—who doesn’t have a favorite restaurant they enjoy as their favorite place to unwind? Anything from mom-and-pop spots to acclaimed steakhouses requires a lot of hard work and manpower behind the scenes. While ambiance and hospitality from your […]

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