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EPA Repeals CPP

Official rollback seen as huge win for coal as renewables regroup This decision is one that most American citizens saw coming. Scott Pruitt and the Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday the official proposal for repeal of the Clean Power Plan. The plan which was a cornerstone of the Obama administration’s environmental efforts against climate change […]

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Climatic Relief

Pruitt, Wyoming, and a temperature record highlight a wild Wednesday for all things climate-related  Wednesday’s child is full of woe. Woeful for some, promising for others, the byproducts of the most recent ‘Hump Day’ were certainly interesting for the energy world. Let’s begin at Mission Control, 8:00 AM: Two federal agencies—NASA and NOAA (the National Oceanic […]

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2 Degrees of Separation

Paris Agreement goals looking lofty Even before the surprise result of the U.S. presidential election put a blanket of jeopardization over all renewable energy efforts to counter climate change, the numbers set by the Paris Climate Agreement may have been too ambitious. Greentech Media reported that the $44 trillion needed in investment to reach these numbers […]

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