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Storage Wars: ‘A’ List

ABB and Amazon are all over the grid ABB just keeps making waves. The Swiss-based company, which officially absorbed Baldor in name to begin the month, has now released a new energy storage solution for residential “prosumers” that offers modular capacity increases, a high-voltage battery for greater efficiency, and flexibility in how the system is installed. […]

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Rail Fail

Unsecured rail causes NY subway to go off track File this under “the hazards of improper storage.” A New York subway train was derailed in upper Manhattan in late June when it struck and dragged a spare rail that had been stored between the two rails in use, reports the Associated Press. Such storage practices are […]

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Advances in CCS

Can sequestered carbon storage method become affordable?  In the ongoing effort to regulate carbon emissions, there’s nowhere to go but down. Scientists trying to figure out ways to keep CO2 out of the air have been developing ways to store it in the ground. This method is called carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). CCS involves […]

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