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Gov’s Training Hub

Labor Dept unveils Apprenticeship.gov On August 30, the Department of Labor unveiled a new facet of its workforce initiative, a digital training hub called Apprenticeship.gov. Just in time for Labor Day weekend (I hope you all had a good one!), the website is a one-stop resource mainframe compiled by the Labor Department following years of […]

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Drones & EVs

Are the most robust markets for electric motor applications, says report Due to miniaturization in engine technologies, passing regulations for drone usage from the FAA (Federal Aviation Association) and the emergence of battery-powered plug-ins for automobiles, the global market for electric motors is advancing, according to a new report from BCC Research released Wednesday. Drones […]

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Handy Delivery

GrubHub founder’s next project: home repair service The same people who commoditized online food delivery are back with a similar idea in an altogether different realm. Mike Evans, one of the founders of the mega-popular online food delivery platform GrubHub, has jumped back into the game with Fixer, a parallel idea for the home repairs market. […]

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