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America’s animal rep didn’t take kindly to a government drone in its airspace From the “too perfect” category this week: A Michigan bald eagle outfoxed a government drone and made clear who’s airspace the natural habitat belonged to. And, as The Verge’s Kim Lyons pointed out, the story is not short on irony in a […]

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Not Droning On

Utility drones are anything but boring Border States Electric of Fargo, N.D., announced an agency agreement with drone-maker eSmart Systems to provide the latter’s utility drone systems to customers in the 48 contiguous U.S. states. The two companies have been developing the technology for the utility and power generation industries for years. eSmart’s Thundercloud is […]

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Motors Take Flight

CR Flight: a new company enters the drone zone UAV stands for unmanned aerial vehicle. There’s no need to familiarize yourself with the term, because these are widely identified by their shorter, easier name: drones. From the military to the backyard, drones have become an American constant over the past decade. A new company, CR […]

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