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Top Distributor Awards

Bartlett, Midpoint, Morgan take home honors Each year, Electro Static Technology recognizes its top AEGIS distributors. This is the ninth consecutive year the company has honored distributors for their excellence in sales and customer service. The 2017 Top Distributor Award goes to Bartlett Bearing Company for its outstanding AEGIS sales campaign to the motor repair […]

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Utility Goes Green With VFDs

Canadian power provider Alectra teams up with chemical plant for big savings A chemical production plant in Ontario says it has saved proportionate amounts of money by switching to VFDs for its pump applications and teaming up with utilities on energy-saving projects. Galata Chemicals, in Bradford, Ontario, primarily makes additives for PVC piping material and plastics. […]

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Variable frequency drives are an alarmingly easy target Could hackers remotely burn industrial motors to disable water plants, HVAC systems, even mining operations? Recent insight on the topic suggests they can, with alarming ease and no intelligence or codebreaking experience necessary. Fear-mongering aside, facts show the idea is not far-fetched at all…and a difficult choice facing many […]

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